iphone apps that I use for good not evil

My iPhone apps
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!! I have been wanting to write this post for a while but with my life just putting a damper on my mind power, I haven't had the chance till now. 

I think our phone is kind of like a women's purse, we carry lots of essential things. As a woman, I still find it intriguing to see what other ladies carry along(and I know most Males wonder too). And along those lines, I feel that certain apps can be essential to our lives in so many ways. So let us delve into the "unsecret" life of my iPhone. 

Mundane apps I use often/not so often (besides basic social media apps like FB, Twitter, Instagram) :

Youtube - always good to have when far away from a computer.Fitbit - only randomly look at this one.Plant Nanny- I love this app because you grow a plant everytime you water it. You can only water your plant when you drink a glass of water yourself. This literally keeps me drinking water even though I tend to slack at that.

If …

Sorry for being MIA- only read if you like rants and emotional posts!!!

This post is gonna be me venting and writing out my struggles of 2018 so far. Which isn't usually my style. But I think it will be good therapy for me. Plus if you have been following me as a blogger and notice I fell of the face of the planet... here you will kinda get a glimpse of my life lately.
Its been a hard year, to say the least. I am now finally not feeling so exhausted, but unfortunately, this new found energy will be short-lived. Which you will find out if you continue to read this post.
I understand life is about living but also about death. And death hit home in January when my Grandpa passed away. This from an outside perspective figured it didn't affect me much. But that isn't the case for a person like myself(highly sensitive/empath). Because even though I wasn't very close to my Grandpa(not by my choice), doesn't mean I don't care or feel sadness. And for me, I just didn't know how to feel. Its a confusion feeling of what I think I should fee…

Why be Vegan/follow a plant-based diet?

These things just don't make sense to me:

How is it ok to be torn to pieces about someone going through this(believe me I have sympathy!):
But then proceed to put known carcinogens in your body such as this: (processed meat)

If your a parent shouldn't you want the earth to be fruitful to give to your children?:

Instead, this is what is happening because we are being careless! But you do have a choice to burden the earth more or to be more conscientious of your consumption. 

You say you love your friends and family, But then you eat things that can make you sick or could possibly die from(processed foods, factory processed meat, dairy,  and eggs). Which in turn puts a burden on them emotionally and maybe even financially. 

There are so many reasons why you should consider being vegan, but these ones generally, seem to be unnoticed. Especially since we all know someone going through cancer treatments. Don't you wish you could've helped them prevent going through all that pain?